About The Moxy Fox

At Moxy Fox, our name mirrors our mission: fostering a salon ambiance that combines a relaxed, enjoyable atmosphere with classic style and art deco elegance. Our salon's design features an open-air floor plan, encouraging lively conversations among clients, alongside more private spaces for those seeking solitude.

As an integral part of our community, Moxy Fox collaborates closely with the town's art league and independent artists. This partnership allows us to showcase and sell their artwork, featuring a new artist each month, thereby enriching our salon with creative vibrancy.

Inclusivity is at the heart of our philosophy. We welcome individuals from all walks of life to experience and embrace their most beautiful selves in our salon. Our professional commitment includes a satisfaction guarantee: if you're not completely happy with our service, we're dedicated to working with you until your expectations are fully met.

Your feedback is vital to our growth and excellence. We encourage you to share any thoughts or ideas that could enhance your experience with us. Your suggestions are confidential, and will be carefully considered by the owner/manager with respect, dignity, and care. For your convenience, a suggestion box is available for your feedback.

Welcome to Moxy Fox, where beauty, art, and community come together

While we love children, Moxy Fox Salon offers an adult-only experience as we serve beer, wine, and cocktails, along with engaging in lots of adult conversation. We are happy to refer your child to an establishment that caters to children.